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I'm not in my 20s, but, I hated to see this board with a big goose-egg by it. :P


So---for those of us NOT in our twenties, what if we write what's different about us now and when we were in our 20s.


Honestly, I think my eating habits are so much better.  I'm approximately the same size that I was then, I think---weigh in is in a few days and I'll know an amount for sure then. :P

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Keem--I am just a few years ahead of you, but I think your last statement rings true for me too.  Back then I maintained my weight by starving myself all week, living on broccoli and all-bran, going to about 6 fitness classes per week, lifting weights on the non fitness class days, participating on competitive volleyball or softball teams and running on the weekends.  I also totally binge ate and drank on the weekends.  That lifestyle was fun for the most part--although I would burn out on the workouts for a month or so at a time and got injured a few times. 

Then, I met my husband in my late 20's.  He liked going out to eat regularly (there went the broccoli and all-bran) and didn't like me being gone for 12-16 hours at a time every day (bye-bye aerobics and some of my teams).  Needless to say, 24 years later, I was 50 lbs heavier.

This past year I have spent really concentrating on getting my weight down and fitness level up while being a normal 45 yr old mom type.  I have been really excited to find that I am almost down to my goal weight while eating real food and even drinking the occasional adult beverage.  I'm finding it to be all about portion control, tracking and really making time for fitness (although not ridiculous amounts of time!).

I was a disaster in my 20s! Not active, ate crap all the time and just miserable in my own skin. My 30s have been much nicer. :) 

I am in my 20's!

Honestly, one of my biggest motivators to loose weight at this point is so that I can enjoy being young AND in some sort of good shape. I have been overweight throughout my 20's and being nearly 27, I think it's time I get down to business before I regret any more time lost. Easier said that done though!





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