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Hey Guys!

Simply leave the member name or a link to the page where the spam happened and I'll ban them. 

Thanks for helping and I'm sorry, there's always a few that sneak in. :(


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Hey-I have an idea--whenever there are spammers, you can post their personal email address and then we can clog their inbox here with useless junk/offers and also their email address--then we can go on their page and put links and offers to useless junk/offers and last, but , not least-we can reply to their posts and befriend them with ulterior motives to sell them junk/exploit their vulnerability.

A little payback. :P :P :P

Spam girl

She has a blog full of it and it's on her profile page.

got em!

Seems she left on her own! 

I took care of it


Inappropriate content posted by John Martin is on our blog pages.  Please delete ASAP.





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