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Hey Guys!

Simply leave the member name or a link to the page where the spam happened and I'll ban them. 

Thanks for helping and I'm sorry, there's always a few that sneak in. :(


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Usually tries to disguise but it but today is blatant.

Yea she's been on my radar. I got her!

Hate to say it--don't want to sound snarky, but, Mark seems to be spammy.  In most every post he makes, he posts a link to his special site.

he does seem suspicious, even his site. I'll keep my eye on him. 

I struggled with weight loss issue for many years. Years ago, I had tried Slimfast and lost weight, but the weight came back when I stopped drinking it. I then concluded that it was simply impossible for me to lose weight for good and gave up.

Being overweight or obese, and not being able to lose weight is a serious situation. I was there and I fully understand frustration, confusion, pain and desperation that many may feel. It is terrible feeling.

It does not help that there is so much conflicting information and so many advertised products and services. While some are legitimate solutions, there are many offerings that are designated primarily to generate profits regardless of suitability or effectiveness.  

Over two years ago I experienced a health scare. With fear as my motivator I was determined to everything that was humanly possible to lose weight to avoid the open heart surgery that my cardiologist recommended. I figured out a method that worked for me and managed to lose 91 pounds without purchasing any products or subscribing to any services.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with sharing what works. I think it contributes to increased knowledge and enhanced understanding of weight loss process of those who are in similar situation and offers real help to those for whom nothing seems to work. I believe the more information or shared experience the better.

My opinion is that no single approach, formula or plan for weight loss can work perfectly for every person. We all need to do what works for us, not for others, but knowing what worked for others is not going to hurt.

Roni and Keem, I was surprised that you considered me a spammer. It is likely that you will call what I am writing now a self-promotion and perhaps even ban me from further postings.

So before you do that, I want to explain that I do not sell anything or promote any product on my simple website. I am a real person. I wrote the best way I could about what worked for me on my site, and wanted to share it with others here that it’s possible to lose weight with no exercise and without feeling hungry.

Mark, Most people in the community are trying to lose weigh not someone who has already achieved. They are using the site to share the ups and downs and to blog their experience. So anytime someone comes out of the gate with strong opinions and answers we are all suspicious. Many times they don't start out selling something but a few weeks or months in, after gaining some trust they hit us with a barrage of links. 

We are just a sensitive bunch. I'm sure you understand. Spam is a huge issue with weight loss topics. 

Thnak you.

I thought that sharing what worked for me would be considered helpful. I didn’t occur to me that it would be interpreted as arrogance. I hope that one day you change your opinion about me and my “strong” views. I see your point though.

Mark I didn't call you arrogant  or unhelpful. Where are you getting that? 

I was simply explaining the culture of the group and why you may have been considered suspicious. This group self polices itself. If we thought you were a spammer I would have banned you by now. 

Hey Roni--looks like we have a member (Gladys) that needs to be deleted:

I got her!

Thanks! Spammed her.





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