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I am so proud. I have worked out for the past 3 nights straight. Goal is to workout (its only a 20 mintute tape) every night until I get to 158lbs. I am determined to get this 15lbs off so I am at prepregnancy weight. I want to wear my old clothes again!!!!! I have a promise that when my mom returns from WA at the end of May, she will exclaim in delight, Wow, Alison! You look FANTASTIC!!! So there. We also have a bet going that whoever gets to 140 first will be treated to a spa day courtesy of the other. Since I can't afford to buy my mom a spa day, I have to win! LOL

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THAT IS AWESOME!! I haven't done 3 straight days myself!
I am new to this site , i hope i am doing it right , i too am going to try to get in a workout each day this week , i feel so much better when i get to physically work out daily , you can do it so keep it up!
Debbie, you are doing GREAT!!





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