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Brenna posted a blog post

Weekly Update 2/26

Honestly it was an okay week nothing fantastic. I think it would have been better had we not gotten 4 inches of snow and kept the 60 degree temps! Oh well at least there's only 2 weeks left until daylight savings.Weight- Down 0.6 lbFood- I did okay…See More
Brenna commented on Brenna's blog post Weekly update 2/20
"Yup and I cannot wait!"
Paula commented on Christy's blog post Better with Age
"Are you doing a Disney run? I know they have races there often. If your kids like fish, take them to Discovery Cove. My friends with kids tell me they absolutely love that place. I was fond of Sea World."
Paula posted a blog post

Weekly Updates - 2/25

Weight - Down 0.2 pounds.Food - Always a struggle. Working in an office that gets candy & snack sample is really bad for me.Exercise - Ran 25 miles this week. I know I need to do some resistance training. I just hate not running. Ugh!Mood -…See More

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Butternut Ginger Soup With a Side of Diet Tips

This weekend I made the most amazing, simple soup and it reminded me of all the little things I do day-to-day to help me feel in control of my diet. Before we go any further let me establish I despise the word “diet” when used to represent calorie restriction for a short period of time solely for the purpose of losing weight. Instead I use it to simply mean “what I eat,” which I happen to take fairly seriously. I say fairly because I [...]

Shrimp Tacos With Peanut Sauce

This weekend I got back from our annual week at the shore, itching to cook something in my own kitchen that wasn’t pizza, hamburgers or cheesesteaks — the trifecta of beach food for us. I hit the grocery store after unpacking to restock the fridge and get some fresh food in the house. There happened to be shrimp on sale, which inspired me. Shrimp tacos sounded perfect,  a light, easy meal. To spice up the tacos I made a simple homemade peanut sauce using pantry ingredients I had [...]

Balsamic Beef With Zucchini

I am between summer trips at the moment so my kitchen has seen busier days. Last week I took the boys on our yearly mother-sons adventure (click here for photos and a  recap) and next week we head to the Jersey Shore for our annual week at the beach. I love summer! Right now I’m in my clean-out-the-fridge mode trying to use up perishables before we leave. The boys wanted burgers for dinner but I wasn’t in the mood. So I used [...]

Simple Oven-Roasted Brisket — My First!

Cooking large cuts of meat isn’t something that came natural to me. Whole chickens, large roasts, even pork loins I used to find intimidating. I’m not sure why — in some ways they are easier to prepare than individual steaks or chops. Preheat the oven, pop them in, set a timer and boom! Dinner. They do require a bit more planning. You can’t just pull out a frozen brisket after work and have dinner on the table in an hour, which [...]

Slow Cooker Ginger Beef

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post but I’m still alive, I swear! A few weeks ago I started consulting for a small tech firm and my days have been filled with programming learning modules. I’m also still managing the gym and last I checked, I have two kids running around this place somewhere. I kid. I kid. I’m busy but I’m finding the details of calculating specific nutritional information for my ideas more than my lack of time holding me back from posting more. My [...]



Beginning of an era

Started by Mariah in General Discussions. Last reply by Jackie Aug 1, 2016. 1 Reply

Hi Everyone!

Started by Myron in General Discussions. Last reply by Tracy Harrington May 12, 2016. 3 Replies

Hey everyone, newbie here.

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Weekly Update 2/26

Posted by Brenna on February 26, 2017 at 3:00pm 0 Comments

Honestly it was an okay week nothing fantastic. I think it would have been better had we not gotten 4 inches of snow and kept the 60 degree temps! Oh well at least there's only 2 weeks left until daylight savings.

Weight- Down 0.6 lb

Food- I did okay this week but it could have definitely been better however I also realize it could have also been worse.

Exercise- Was same as with the food it could've been better but could've been worse.

Mood- Tired and honestly I…


Weekly Updates - 2/25

Posted by Paula on February 25, 2017 at 7:54am 0 Comments

Weight - Down 0.2 pounds.

Food - Always a struggle. Working in an office that gets candy & snack sample is really bad for me.

Exercise - Ran 25 miles this week. I know I need to do some resistance training. I just hate not running. Ugh!

Mood - Good. Working on being mindful.

I have been using my foam roller this past week & think it will really be good. It does hurt, but I feel better afterward. I want to start a training plan. I found one for… Continue

Weekly update 2/20

Posted by Brenna on February 20, 2017 at 6:32am 7 Comments

Sorry this is a a day late. So not a bad week overall I worked all weekend stayed mostly on track with food however after 10-11 hour days I'm not much in the mood for exercising and I didn't gain this week but I also didn't lose any either. I definitely need to get some exercising done even after work to get through this plateau before it consumes me and I give up again. Plus 1.5 lbs to go before my goal date in 2 days. I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Better with Age

Posted by Christy on February 18, 2017 at 10:25pm 4 Comments

Today is my birthday--I turned the big 3-5. Honestly, I never really understood the big freak out about getting older, but maybe that's because I feel like I am getting better with age. Haha. At 35 I am more confident in my own skin, feel strong and capable, and like where I am in life. I have an amazingly supportive husband and 2 great kids (that only drive me crazy some of the time. lol). Sure, there are always things that could be better, but I am living a pretty blessed life.…


Weekly Update - 2/18

Posted by Paula on February 18, 2017 at 9:08pm 3 Comments

Weight - Down 1.0 pound. Relief to see it go down

Food - I did make better choices, but I still ate too much & snacked too much.

Exercise - I really kicked up my running. I ran 27 miles.

Mood - Really trying on focusing on me & not the world at large.

Today I bought myself a foam roller. I was hoping it will help me feel better. I have been running so much over the last year or better & although I do stretch afterwards it just isn't… Continue

Looking back at my WI log

Posted by Erica on February 14, 2017 at 10:37pm 2 Comments

I was just wondering how long ago it has been since my weight has been where it is currently because over the last 2 weeks I have had a couple people mention that I look like I've lost weight!  Well I have but was shocked that anyone noticed.  So I looked at my log and it's actually been just over 2 years since my weight has been this low!  And 3 years since I was where I want to be, in the low 130's.  Back then I was weight lifting pretty intensely and in really great shape.  Then I started…


What's cookin'?

Posted by Christy on February 12, 2017 at 4:12pm 4 Comments

So, it's been the past that would have meant that I fell completely off the wagon, wasn't living a healthy life, and so I was avoiding this place. Not this time! Life is just busy with 2 kids, working, and trying to spend some time with my husband. Life is also kinda boring at maintenance. In the past, I loved posting about weekly progress, sharing pictures, or talking about challenges. Now it just kinda seems like the same old boring talk all the time. However, I will try and…


Update - 2/12

Posted by Paula on February 12, 2017 at 2:09pm 2 Comments

Weight - Up 1.2 pounds. Not good. Result from BLT ( bites,licks,tastes )

Exercise - Running 5 days a week on the treadmill. Averaging 15-22 miles per week.

Food - Making better choices, but getting kinds of sloppy. The "just one" syndrome. It is not just one however.

Mood - I have been stressed & depressed. But I realize it is up to me to change. I cannot change the world, but I can change how I react. I am working on being the "change" I would like to… Continue

Weekly update 2/12/17

Posted by Brenna on February 12, 2017 at 2:08pm 6 Comments

Things have been going well this week. Enjoying a relaxing weekend off. Back around Christmas time I set a short term goal that I wanted to lose 8 lbs by my birthday and I'll be honest I really didn't think that it would happen and now my birthday is in 10 days and I am less than 2 lbs away from that goal and it feels amazing. The 40-50 degree weather we've been having here in Northwest Iowa(in February) doesn't hurt either ;)

I hope that everyone is having a great…


Back at it.

Posted by Brenna on February 8, 2017 at 10:39am 3 Comments

So its been a while and a lot has happened since I was last here. We took a couple trips last year which one included me climbing to the top of a MOUNTAIN!!!! Also got married in October. My weight loss has been going better as of late. My best friend and I are working on it together. Although that proves its own…



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